We’re more process than technology geeks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t use some pretty cool tools.

Because we needed  a place to store, organize, and make available all off the workflows and associated content that comes out of our engagements, we developed OpsNotes.  Based on WordPress, the world’s leading Content Management System, you can find out more about OpsNotes here.

PSCertify is a web-based testing and certification tool we developed to nudge responsibility for demonstrating mastery over all of that material to your users.  Click here for more information about PSCertify.

OpsNotes is designed to capture and document your operational workflows and corresponding procedures to whatever level of detail you need. Based on a proven documentation methodology, your customized workflows will be diagrammed, organized, thoroughly documented, and searchable.


  • integrates all of your documentation into one location, accessible only via secured login
  • organizes your operational procedures and makes them easily accessible to the intended audience
  • validates your operational workflows, and then links them to corresponding procedures
  • meets and exceeds most internal and external audit documentation requirements
  • significantly reduces training costs, increases operational efficiency and reduces operational errors

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PSCertify is a completely customizable online testing and certification tool.  With PSCertify you can easily create tests, assign them to users and administer their results.  PSCertify is an online application so there is nothing to install. Creating and administering tests is all done through your web browser.

How you can use PSCertify

  • Test and retest
  • Report performance
  • Create a permanent record of performance
  • Test and track knowledge of your operational procedures
  • Certify that training is effective

How online testing works

Watch this short video showing how PSCertify works:


Creating tests

With PSCertify it’s easy to create tests and set their options. Give your tests names and descriptions, create questions and answers, set the passing score, scramble question order, show or hide correct answers on test results and set the number of times a user can take a test.


PSCertify reports provide a clean, easy to read, real-time summary of your users, groups, tests, test aggregate scores (by group) and individual scores (by user).